About Us


Our mission is to keep you healthy, happy, fit, and physically safe from avoidable injuries. Our trainers, lead by the expertise of world-renown boxing coach, Bill Corbett, combine non-contact boxing with non-traditional fitness, strength, and weight loss training, plus dietary recommendations to achieve quick results that are sustainable long-term.


Bill is a specialist sports-based coach and fitness trainer. His unique training approach sees his clients achieve dramatic results quickly.

Bill has trained and worked with elite athletes, global boxing professionals and media personalities, such as “Nacho Beristain” (elite Mexican boxing trainer, trainer of Juan Manuel Marquez), Eddie Futch (trainer of Joe Frazier Larry Holmes and Ken Norton – who all defeated Muhammad Ali), Hector Roca (boxing trainer who trained Hilary Swank for the movie Million Dollar Baby), Shannon Taylor (Australian boxer), Lovemore N’Dou (former I.B.F. World Champion), Brett Harriott (personal trainer at Fit@Fight), Joe Lopez (Trainer of UFC No1 Alexander Volkanovski), Lee Carr (Owner of Shidoshi Martial Arts Supplies), and Bianca Dye (former co-host of the i98FM Breakfast Show).



Patrick is a qualified trainer having competed at state and national level in wrestling and swimming, has elite boxing skills, and is a boxing coach/trainer at Bill Corbett Boxing & Fitness.

Patrick has trained at the famed WILD CARD boxing gym in Los Angeles with Freddy Roach (Manny Pacquiao). He has also trained at the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas with Jeff Mayweather.


Kim’s journey with Bill Corbett Boxing & Fitness began as a client in November 2014, where she saw great results with her fitness goals. While training, Kim helped some of her peers with their running – which is when Bill recognised her enthusiasm and invited her to officially join the team.

Kim began studying in February 2016, while also under the close guidance and mentorship of Bill and Patrick. She gained her Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness in February 2017, and since then has been training and teaching Bungee Classes, 4D Pro Red Band Classes, Circuit Classes, Group Training, Train Like A Boxer, Personal Training, Private Group Training for Corporate Clients, Suples Training System (Resistance H.I.R.T Bands, Suples Balls and Bulgarian Bags), and High-intensity and Low Impact Slide Training.